About VR OKO

A unique project painstakingly developed for a virtual reality headset designed for viewing adult films.
VR OKO combines reality and virtuality, putting the viewer at the very heart of the action and letting them control the viewpoints, camera angle and focus.

Synthesis of Technology and Art

The VR OKO project combines programming technologies and adult feature films which allows the viewer to truly participate in interactive movies, enjoying far more sensation and pleasure than any ordinary video.

The VR OKO project was launched in 2015. As of now, over 110 people are continuously working to make it a reality. The vast VR OKO library contains 500 fully interactive films with 40 genres to choose from.


BE in the heart of it all

VR OKO is specifically designed to expand and enhance your adult film viewing experience to the highest levels of sensual pleasure.

At the same time, the device itself is flexible and autonomous: the headset does not require a computer or a smartphone to work properly.

Independent technological project

Another distinctive feature of the VR OKO project is that it is independent (it is not a start-up, it is created and financed at its own expense) and already fully pays for itself at the pre-release stage.

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Developers of the VR OKO virtual universe

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